Scoliosis is another problem of all mankind. What is scoliosis and what its reasons of occurrence? Parents always ask, “Why my child has scoliosis and others do not?” It is believed that scoliosis comes from the fact that the child is properly seated, bent, hunched, has the wrong posture.

    To some extent the parents are right, but still this is not the cause of scoliosis. With the rapid growth of the child is possible uneven growth of legs and spine, and from this – the displacement of the vertebrae and slow curvature of the spine. I believe that the body, in an attempt to fix the broken spine balance, begins to “treat”. For this purpose the adhesive microcrystals begins to produce. They create patches to damaged sections of vertebrae, these patches quickly solidify, and the spine is not possible to return itself in the position of equilibrium (to align). As a consequence, curvature of the spine occurs. These patches are compacted with age. Since the ribs are attached to the spine, deformation of the ribs is occurred, neural connections running from the vertebrae to the internal organs are infringed. Under such conditions organs do not get good nutrition and begin to sicken.

    The new generations will face the same challenges that we face every day. I believe that my device can solve the problem of scoliosis.

One of the patients told me that when she was a primary school teacher, throughout the year she lifts each of her students during a lesson, and compared with other classes – none of them had scoliosis. I have noticed this experience of the teacher.